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5 Icing & Frosting Tips for Decorating a Cake (2018)

Need help with cake decorating? Wondering where to start? These are my 5 Icing & Frosting tips and tricks that you MUST know before you start your next cake decorating project — you’ll wish you knew this earlier! I am Jillian Butler, and a few years back, I left my corporate job to pursue my passion for cake baking (I became a cake boss), and there have been lots of baking lessons that I have learned along the way. These icing & frosting tips and tricks will hopefully show you how to make your baking life easier with every single cake recipe. Spoiler Alert!! Watch to the end to see how I finish icing my famous Devils Food Chocolate Cake (Recipe to be posted soon).

For those curious about my Cakery (bakery for cakes) and what we are doing in Sydney Australia:
https://www, – learn about me and my passion – please comment, like and follow! – please comment, like and follow!

Some handy links to the tools of the trade:
Cake Turntable:
Piping bag:
Cake Decorating tips:
Palette Knife:
Ice Cream Scoop:

Also don’t miss my most popular tips video here:

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