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Decorating Our New Home and My Postpartum Depression Full Time Travel Family

Decorating Our New Home and My Postpartum Depression Full Time Travel Family I wasn’t sure I was going to share my struggle with Postpartum Depression. But I decided that talking about it helps normalize it, helps other mom’s feel less alone, and that there doesn’t have to be an immense amount of shame when dealing with any kind of depression.

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This vlog starts with giving some tips when you are decorating your RV. I went to Hobby Lobby and got some inspiration for the colors I wanted to use in our new home. I decided for the living room to go with varying shades of blue. In Landyn’s room I did an explorer theme. It turned out really cute! I have decided not to paint or remodel our new 2018 fifth wheel. We really love this layout and the colors it comes with. Still planning a few modifications but those are going to blend in with the current color scheme.

One of the odd things about postpartum depression is many women don’t realize they are dealing with it until months or years later. My anxiety has been through the roof and while I have blamed much of that on my thyroid it wasn’t being shaken even with the proper medication. When Landyn was 5 and a half months old I thought I should look up the symptoms of postpartum depression again. I have had every symptom. It explains why during some of the most happy moments I wasn’t able to feel joy. It explains the tremendous amount of anxiety I have had since Landyn has been born. It is why I don’t feel like myself.

Postpartum depression often resolves itself but not always. It can occur any time after your baby is born. I am starting to feel like I am getting my feet under me and really enjoy being a mom. It has taken time, taken help, and support. And most importantly I have never allowed my PPD to tell me I am a bad mom. Through it all I have done my best and allowed myself to feel whatever it is I needed to. Motherhood is hard enough, lets support each other ❤

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