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It’s time to learn cakes decorating, you may need these skills for holidays 😉

Take a piece of cake, a cup of tee and enjoy this satisfying compilation of cakes decoration accompanied by beautiful jazz music!

This video will calm mind of everybody, especially sweet tough people.

These artist do their work in the best way, their skills really inspire! Here’s more information about them:

1. Lily has always been passionate about quality ingredients, creative flavor pairing and baking.

She opened NikAndLily service in 2016 after cooking for her friends and family for many years and receiving positive feedback and an increasing number of orders.

Inspired by her late brother, a rock musician, and with help of her younger brother Andrey, Lily turned her passion into a profession.

Her glazing cakes technique is fascinating!

2. Nguyễn Thủy graduated in architecture, but found her passion in pâtissière.

It started, when she once decided to make a birthday cake for her boyfriend by herself. It wanted to impress him and didn’t know that it will turn into a huge passion in baking.

When Nguyễn was making her first steps in pâtissière, she received helps, tips and supports from different people, so later she launched her Youtube chanel where she shares thechniques and process of creating amazing cakes.

Now cakes of Nguyễn Thủy look like real masterpieces! Watch this video and you’ll totally agree!

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