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Decorating My Home with Momma Curry and God-Mom | Sydel Curry-Lee


Hello Guys! First I would like to thank everyone for subscribing and to all my new subbies, Hello!! I am so happy you decided to subscribe and follow me along on this journey called life!

This vlog is a 4 day compilation of decorating Damion and I’s new house. I am not good at decorating so they completely took over and I am so happy with the results! You also get to meet my new photographer Rachael and learn about a new teeth whitening system we tried! Hope you enjoy!!

Also a massive thank you to World Market for gifting some of the furniture! We love their products so much we went back and bought more!

Teeth Whitening by: on IG

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Sydel Curry is a lifestyle Instagram influencer who
is passionate about fashion, fitness, faith and
mental health. She recently launched her site “A
Curry Girl,” which covers all of her passions and
more. In November 2017 she launched her YT channel
gaining hundreds of subs every week. Recently married and adjusting to life as a wife she wants to bring you along while also shedding light on her mental health journey and trying to change the stigma by starting the conversation. She is the not so normal girl everyone loves next door with extraordinary circumstances.
Ready to put her own spin on the Curry name, Sydel
is taking 2018 by a storm.

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