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Adley App Reviews | Toca Birthday Party | Cake Decorating and SURPRISE PRESENTS for my MOM


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HEY EVERYBODY!! WE ARE THROWING A BIRTHDAY PARTY and you’re invited!! My dad and I had a good idea were we get ready for my mom’s birthday!! For her birthday party we need a cake so we opened toca birthday party app and decorated some cakes!! We made a rainbow one and a dragon one!! Then we opened up toca town to invite our friends over!! We went to the store and got some presents and we wrapped them up too! We even wrapped up some really funny presents!! After everything was ready for the party we went back to the house and opened the gifts and had a dance party!!

my last video – Lava Monster Prison Escape! The Floor is Lava Challenge (new game in backyard skatepark)

my dad’s last video – BABY in the SKATE PARK!! Backyard fun, Bug Catching, and Cooking with Adley and Niko!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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