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DECORATING MY NEW HOUSE! – Minecraft CrazierCraft SMP – Ep.11

Make sure to come hang out with me on April 28th for a Block Party I’m doing with Super League Gaming! It’ll be over on my Twitch channel, so make sure to be following so you don’t miss out! I’m going to be sharing the progress of the server with you on the run up to the event!

Click the link to learn how to create your own free server at

Welcome to a brand new mini series on my channel, CrazierCraft! This series we are diving into the wonderful modpack that is CrazierCraft! Its gonna be a crazy wild ride, so make sure to hit and like button and check out everyone on here!

People on the Server!

Joey –
Kyle –
Lauren –
Meghan –
Scott –
Seapeekay –
Shubble –
Yammy –
Hbomb –
Graser –

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