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💙Decorating My Minecraft Mall! Craftin’ w/ Katherine Ep. 43

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Hey! This is my single player creative Minecraft Series called Craftin’ w/ Katherine! In this lets play roleplaying episode I’m decorating the rest of the mall and adding 5 new stores! We’ll be adding an arts and crafts store, a food court, a pharmacy, a clothing store, and a sports store! Which one is your favorite?!

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Texturepack: Sandy Dreams

Mods: Arcademod, bibliocraft, biomesoplenty, blockcraftery, mrcrayfishfurnituremod, customnpcs, decocraft, fairylights, flatcoloredblocks, inventory, justenoughitems, mocreaturesmod, pamsharvestcraft, placeableitems, twilightforest, wearablebackpacks, zawa

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Music provided by Argofox:
Ampyx & Inova – All I Want

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