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Floral Face Cake – Cake Decorating

The single most beautiful cake I’ve ever made. To get tips and tricks on making this cake, check out the blog post –

• Three 10″ round white chocolate mud cakes (2 batches) baked at 150C for 2 hours 10 minutes
• Sweet Buttercream (750g (1lb 10oz) with raspberries added for the filling layers
– 850g (1lb 14oz) Blush for the cake itself (Americolor Blush)
– 650g (1lb 7oz) three shades of Pink (Sugarflair Claret and Ruby) for roses- I did the palest pink in Claret only, then added more Ruby and Claret for each darker shade as I went to save on wastage.
– 200 (7oz) natural for blossom flowers
– 75g (2.5oz) Black, and 50g (1.5oz) both green – (Americolor Forset Green) and red ( Americolor Red Red)
• Spatulas
• Scraper
• Piping bags
• Piping tips – #1 – black #2 blossom centres, #102 small blossom flower, #104 larger blossom and roses, #352 leaves
• Turntable
• Scissors
• Flower nail
• Parchment paper and pencil
• Edible pearl bead earring
• 10″ round cake plate

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