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cleaning + decorating my room

hello y’all! today i’m showing you the process of cleaning and “decorating” my room after being in a major slump. my ideal room is one that’s white (with hints of pink), clean, and as minimalist as my cluttered soul will allow it. you’ll see that i’ve only really added two things to my room, one to add some *sparkle* and another one because it reminds me of my old home. i won’t be adding anything new to my room, and might even throw or donate stuff if i feel that it’s getting too cluttered.

– sparkly lights:
– aesthetic pictures on my wall:

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♡ FAQs ♡
– age: 21
– camera: iphone 7s plus / olympus pen e-pl7
– laptop: surface pro 4
– college majors: psychology & cognitive science double major, chinese minor
– languages: chinese, spanish, english

– again by ninjoi:
– foolish heart by ninjoi:

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