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Delicious cookie hacks and decoration ideas

All of us girls love cookies and biscuits, but what do love most is preparing them according to our taste. So in this video, I wanted to share with you some amazing decoration ideas for your cookies that will make them look like they were done by a pastry chef.
– I show you how to use sugar icing in your decorations and how to create a cute sleepy teddy bear on your cookies.
– I also show you how to shape your cookies into cute little love-hearts that can fit on top of your coffee mug.
– For those of you who love colorful decorations, you can use an oreo biscuit, dip it in some melted chocolate, then cover it with colorful sprinkles and then use icing to add the finishing touches.
– I also you a super cute way to decorate your Oreo cookies into Mickie mouse using icing.
– For sculpting purposes, I show you how to use everyday items and sculpt your cookies like a pro. For example, you can use paste, your juice squeezer, and even earrings.
0:36 – Love-heart cookie decorations
1:12 – Pineapple cookie decoration
2:32 – Strawberry mouse cupcakes
2:41 – Mickey mouse Oreo cookie
3:05 – Cookie décor ideas
6:35 – DIY cookie cutters
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