a productive day in my life: grocery shopping, almond milk lattes, decorating my room, veg stir fry

hello my frens it’s nina and here is another “productive” day in my life! 🙂

in this one i’m grocery shopping, taking care of things, making my iced almond milk latte, decorating and cleaning my room, and making my favorite veggie tofu stir fry. let’s be productive!!

also happy back to school season!!!!1! a lot of friends and people i know went back to school and it’s kinda weird that i’m not going back since i’m all done with college… :0 anywho i hope to be making some back to school related content even if a lot of y’all are already back at school. i know a lot of y’all are also in the quarter system and are still trying to enjoy whatever summer you have left ;)) i hope y’all have a good year and get that noodle!! enjoy your time in school if you can, it all goes by so fast :’)

i hope y’all are well and are taking care of your health and doing things you like and staying hydrated!

i will see you real soon in my next video 🙂

luv, neen.


what i’m wearing:

lip tint: https://bit.ly/2M69ZVN

white short sleeve blouse: https://bit.ly/2Lbzcu7

pants: i got them as a gift from korea



YesStyle: https://bit.ly/2YGwpyj
use ‘NINA10’ for 10% off 🙂


twitter: ninaeyu
instagram: ninaeyu
tumblr: neenzus
spotify: neenzus

this video is NOT sponsored, but some links are affiliate links! all the products i used however were purchased by me 🙂

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