How To Decorate A Christmas Wreath – Space Saving Christmas Tree Alternative

In smaller spaces it can be hard to find a place for a full sized tree. Decorating a Christmas wreath is just as much fun as decorating a tree – you can use all your favorite ornaments and floral, and as seen in the other Christmas wreath video, you can even add ribbon! Christmas wreaths work especially well if you have small children or pets because it is up off the ground and out of reach. Place a basket, crate, or sled with your gifts beneath it to finish the look!

Other info:

Large wreath & string lights – Walmart

Frosted pine & eucalyptus – Michael’s

Large shatterproof ornaments – Home Depot

Other shatterproof ornaments (small) – Home Depot

Medium glass decorative ornaments – Hobby Lobby

Curtains – Home Goods

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