đź’™Decorating My House + Getting Pranked! Harmony Hollow Ep.3


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Welcome to Harmony Hollow! A magical, friendly server….or is it? This is a really cute modded SMP (survival mulitplayer) Minecraft world with loads to explore! In todays video I GOT PRANKED, did a little revenge pranking of my own, decorated my survival minecraft house, and gave a tour to @Dangthatsalongname ! Which room of my house is your fav so far?!

Appleschloss: https://bit.ly/36YJ7wM
Ashvinelf: https://bit.ly/36OunAF
BBPaws: https://bit.ly/2R8l3B7
Bea: https://bit.ly/2FImbWP
Dangthatsalongname: https://bit.ly/2QKC99e
Delphron: https://bit.ly/2QKo5wk
Galaxies18: https://bit.ly/2ThFsXe
HBomb94: https://bit.ly/2tQRhsZ
Jamie: https://bit.ly/30WjGdg
Katherine Elizabeth: https://bit.ly/38XAF1Z
LaurenzSide: https://bit.ly/38RjZcf
Mariel: https://bit.ly/2ThvjK7
Phoenix: https://bit.ly/2Te4kit
Seapeekay: https://bit.ly/2FGqFwX
Shubble: https://bit.ly/2O1z02V
Solidarity: https://bit.ly/2TX7is3
Tamara: https://bit.ly/3c5G3SP
UrsulasRevenge: https://bit.ly/37Fu5MX

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