re decorating my room! *productive at home routine* vlog

This video is about me redecorating my bedroom as part of my full productive at home routine! As I have been decorating my new room at my other house https://youtu.be/qF9pDwTafrA I decided that my own bedroom in my main house needed to be updated as I had not done it up since Winter https://youtu.be/nU3LhYzd2fk – that is a whole 3 months without redecorating my room! You know me, that is too long. I love my room and I love to decorate it for different seasons. While this is not a summer or spring update, it is good to refresh my room so that I can appreciate and enjoy it over again. I didn’t go shopping for this, I just used things I already owned. Being at home so much more cause of the shut down meant no shopping and more time on my hands to redecorate my room, especially once my other room was done.

So this is really a vlog of my day at home and how I use my time to be as productive as possible.

I wish YouTube would leave my comments on so you could tell me if you have redecorated your room lately or how you use your day to be productive, but maybe pop over to the community tab and leave me a comment there.

Thank you for watching!

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