Switching Rooms and re-Decorating for our brother MOVING IN for the summer | TOUR

Due to the covid our oldest brother, Matthew’s internship in Chicago was canceled, so he is moving home from college for the summer. He is going to live with Lily in the new house, Annie offered to give him her room (yes, the one she just finished decorating, https://youtu.be/qF9pDwTafrA ) so that he would have enough space to be comfortable and be close to the built in desk in the den upstairs (that has not yet been decorated). We got some things to make the room look like a guy’s room and move Annie’s things into the third bedroom that, to this point, we had not even started decorating. Not surprising, Annie’s style LOOKS AMAZING in the new room, stay to the end for a tour by Annie Rose.
What do you think?

I hope you watch Lily’s online shopping haul https://youtu.be/hPJyKq7tgz4

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