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Mirror reflective paper

String lights

Blinking string lights

Glue gun

Golden spray paint (Walmart)

Black spray paint

Silver spray paint

Craft knife from Amazon

Large gemstones for wall clocks

Metal wire from Amazon

Wall clock

6” round mirrors

3” round mirrors

Golden acrylic paint from Walmart

Paper duct tape from Walmart

Silver glitter from Walmart

Silver beaded garland from dollar tree

Small round mirrors from Amazon

Plaster of Paris from Walmart

Foam balls from dollar tree

Square paper plates from Walmart

Red spray paint from Amazon

Large gemstones from hobby lobby

Led tea light candles from Amazon

White thick thread from Walmart

0:42 diy mirror decor using dollar tree paper plates
2:50 lighting wall art
6:40 Newspaper wall art
9:50 Aluminum foil sunburst mirror decor
12:17 Luxurious glam wall art
13:18 Extra large blinking butterflies wall decor
18:57 large leaves wall art
22:21 three pieces glue gun wall art
24:03 glam mirrored wall decoration with lights
27:52 Three pieces Aluminum foil golden wall art
29:27 Modern wall clock decoration using dollar tree items
33:33 Diy wall clock decoration
36:10 wall decorating tree using glue gun
37:17 Pinterest inspired modern wall clock using mirror reflective paper
39:30 Newspaper wall decoration
41:45 Pinterest inspired wall clock using cardboard
43:55 diy wall clock decoration making idea at home
50:00 Aluminum foil tree wall decor
51:42 Aluminum foil wall decoration ideas
53:23 Square wall clock decor at home
55:03 Black and white abstract wall art
57:03 mirror decoration using pop or white cement
58:50 Abstract round 3 pieces wall art
1:00:33 diy mirror decor with mosaic mirrors
1:01:44 Easy three pieces wall decor
1:02:50 diy plastic caps wall decor craft
1:03:20 Modern butterfly wall decor with glitter
1:04:20 paper plate wall decor
1:05:24 modern abstract wall art
1:06:45 extra large five pieces wall art
1:08:14 Butterfly wall art
1:09:14 diy wall candle holder
1:10:55 diy wall art
1:12:53 Thread wall art with lights
1:14:43 heart wall decor using old clothes

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