đź’™Decorating My House For Halloween! Craftin’ w/ Katherine Ep.12

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Welcome to Craftin’ w/ Katherine season 2! This is my modded single player creative minecraft series! You guys voted, this seasons theme is fantasy/disney!
Season 1 of CWK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz7ZUlKs977JyVV9-rp0GAiufpZh8Yj5N

Hiya! Today were going to be decorating my minecraft castle house for Halloween! I redecorating the entire outside of my house and the interior to be more fall and autumn themed! I also make a spooky secret basement..hehehe

Want to be featured in the Art Museum? Please send original artwork to KatherineElizArt@gmail.com and include your name for a shoutout 🙂

Using the 1.12.2 version of my Texture pack!: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lou1ngvrtfzncq5/Katherine_Elizabeth%2527s_Texture.zip/file

Mods: bibliocraft, biomes o plenty, blockcraftery, bonsai trees, candy world, chisel, chisels and bits, comfy cozy, custom npcs, decocraft, effortless building, evevator, emberroot zoo, extra golems, fairy lights, familiar fauna, flat colored blocks, the flying things, forestry, future mc, i torch, macaws roofs, maindens marvelous materials, mrcrayfish furniture mod, mrcrayfish vehicle mod, mystical world, natures compass, optifine, placeable items, quark, sign post, twilight forest, world edit, xl foodmod

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