12 Ways to UP Your Plant Styling Game! | Decorating with Plants

I have gathered may plants and pots together to show you how I create small vignettes, or moments, of plant styling featuring groups of plants.

8 Ways to Elevate your Plant Style!
1. GLASS: Glass Vases w/ Preserved Moss
2. The Bowl Trick: Place multiple plants in a bowl or tray or box
3. METAL Metal/Metallic Pots
4. WHITE: Plain White Pots
5. CUTTINGS ON DISPLAY: Add a propagation vessel!
6. BLACK & WHITE: Black & White & patterns w/ props (like scissors or paintings)
7. RUSTIC LOOK: Grey cement color pots with cultivar and deer shed and swan
8. AGED TERRA COTTA: Aged terra corra pots, mixed with horse sculpture and glass bud vase
9. ELEVATE your plants in urns and taller pots (or even vases) and combine with shorter pots and plants and bud vases
10. COLOR: Pots with subtle color on them, or Colored glazed pots or colorful pots in general, or mix and match bowls of objects to bring color around a large potted plant
11. Baskets
12. PROPS: Use props (and vintage props) of all kinds: bell jars, bird cage, gardening tools, moss etc.

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