HOW TO NOT GET CONFUSED WHEN DECORATING | DISCOVER YOUR DESIGN STYLE. Knowing your design style is so important when it comes to home decorating. Interior design can be so confusing. Let me help take the confusion out, and make your home your favorite place to be. Sign up for the waitlist for my design course: https://www.acharmingabode.com
DESIGN STYLES: (small example of what each design style has in it, for reference)
TRADITIONAL- ornate, chandeliers, oriental rugs, moldings, fabric patterns such as damask, florals
TRANSITIONAL- A mix of traditional and contemporary designs
FARMHOUSE- burlap, shiplap, leather, wrought iron, wood beams, earthy colors
CONTEMPORARY- clean lines, glass, minimal accessories, open space, little to no pattern, chrome
MODERN- monochromatic color palette, minimalism, natural materials, strong lines, copper
MID CENTURY- armless seating, light-colored woods, minimal accessories, clean lines
COASTAL- relaxing vibe, light and airy, shiplap, greens & blues, seashells, whitewashed wood
ECLECTIC-mix match of all different design styles that goes well together.
SHABBY CHIC- florals, lace, distressed furniture, pastel colors
SCANDINAVIAN- earthy and natural colors, airy fabrics with lots of white, little to no pattern
INDUSTRIAL- exposed brick walls, matte steel or iron, unfinished ceilings, concrete floors, edgy
GLAM- faux fur, gold, mirrored furniture, bright colors, murals, chenille
ART DECO- animal prints, gold, geometric shapes, lacquer and gloss paint, mirrored furniture, velvet
FRENCH COUNTRY- gingham, roosters, toile, textured walls, distressed finishes
BOHEMIAN- colorful rugs, 60’s vibe, jewel tones, layered texture, natural elements (plants)
These are the main design styles, but there are many more you could fall under. A few examples include: Rustic, Cottage Core, Mediterranean, Vintage, Southwestern, Tuscan, and Moroccan.

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